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            CALL OUT
   All Bent Individuals

GMP have unlawfully attempted to silence me ...
                I WILL NEVER BE SILENCED.

My response to this latest corrupt act ...
Weds 8th, Thurs 9th and Fri 10th Feb 2023, I protested peacefully outside Harpurhey Police Station.


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Thank you to everyone who gave their support by beeping, thumbs up, fist/strength gesture and vocal support shouted from open car windows! Also thank you to the many lovely people who stopped to chat and voice their own experiences and concerns regarding GMP.
Although I was not at all surprised at the support I received, I was overwhelmed by the amount of it, and the passion of the supporters. I will never give up fighting these despicable corrupt tyrants anyhow, but the support I witnessed over those three days enthused me to be even more bold, passionate and determined to expose these individuals.
GMP reaction? One lonely plod came out to 'not' see me as I was setting up on the first day. He sidled over to 'not' speak to me but was soon set packing with his tail between his legs when he did attempt to engage! I audio recorded this interaction but the quality is not too good as I continued setting out my stall whilst putting him in his place.
To be fair to him, he wasn't rude, he wasn't obnoxious, and he didn't try to bully me ... A rare find at GMP!
Following that interaction, it was clear that all plod were then advised to ignore me ....
And hilariously, as any of them passed me on foot or by car, they acted as if I wasn't even there! 
Late on Thursday afternoon, I had the devil in me ... Two female plod who were about to walk past me whilst looking the other way, got a cheery ...
"Good afternoon ladies"  ... and were forced into a little interaction.
They feigned concern for me getting cold ...
"Don't worry about me, the sun's just about to go down behind Asda, so I'm packing up now anyhow. I'm not stupid ladies, I'm a fair weather activist".
Again to be fair, after their initial 'ignorance' was breached by me, they were pleasant enough. 

       Curb Corruption


        End Malfeasance

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        (See individual ICalls/Statements Of Truth)


             Baroness Beverley Hughes              


     Chief Superintendent Rob Cousen              


 Superintendent Helen Critchley                   Multi ICalls


           Superintendent Danny O'Neill             


          Police Inspector Chris Kinson             


   Police Inspector Robert Buntine             Multi ICalls


           Police Sergeant Ian Barker              Multi ICalls


                      PC Thea Taylor             Multi ICalls


                PC Samantha Birkett              Multi ICalls


                PC Christopher Hurst              


            PC 'Wicked' Whalley                


              PC Mark Davies               


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Stephen Watson, Chief Constable                           GMP

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